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Want to Give Up Your Dreams ?



You are exhausted and want to give up on your dreams ?

You should not, and I am going to share with you one of the biggest reasons people don't achieve their dreams.

So, let's say you defined a goal for yourself and you are starting actions on a daily basis, you set up a business plan, you made a road map.

An week after week, month after month, you realized you did'nt achieved you dream yet, things seems to be harder than expected. You begin to loose a little bit of motivation, and you begin to question your dream. Uou begin to say :

"Maybe, maybe it's not for me. Maybe that dream is good for other people, because are they are succeeding at it, obviously. They are living it. I wanted it too but, I am working hard, I'm trying again and again. But I cannot get it done ! I cannot reach it. I don't understand why."

And for most people, that's precisely the moment where they decide to give up.

Okay, I tried, I worked, and I don't have the results. I did the maths. Maybe it's not for me. I am done. I quit. I am not worthy enough.

And you're ready to go back to an old pattern of living and that little window of hope for a better life is closing itself.

Now, just to give you something to chew on, maybe... maybe the reason why you're not getting you dream, why you're not succeeding is not about who you are. It's not about your value, your worth or about you deserving it or not. Maybe it has more to do with you actions this month, this year, with your choices and decisions.

 Maybe it has nothing to do with your dream (your destination) but everything to do with the business you picked (your vehicule)to go to that destination.

 There is a big difference between where you want to go (your destination - your dream - the lifestlyle) and how you are getting to that dream (your vehicule - your job - your business).

 Let me give you an example to make it easier to grasp :

You are at Las Vegas, and you say "I want to go to Miami". So Miami is you goal, dream, objective, your destination.

Then to go to Miami, you decide to go by walking, because in your environment, it's the easier way to do it. 

So you go to Miami by walking. And after 1 day of walking non-stop, you say "How I am not there yet ?" Why ? Why ? There are so many people going to Miami. There are thousands and thousands of people living the good life. Why I cannot live it too ?  What is wrong with me ? Am I unwhorthy ? 

You begin to question yourself, to doubt yourself. And you give up.

Seems funny ?

Do you actually do that when you're travelling from a place to another ? Of course not ! You know that if one vehicule is not adapted, you take another one.

My point is that picking the wrong vehicule will actually make you fail. You will not reach your destination, your dream. And it has nothing to do with who you are, your worth. It's just a bad analysis of the situation.

To go further on the topic, motivation is useless if you pick the wrong vehicule. 

If you are in America and you want to go to China and you decide to go by barq, just because it's the only thing you can thing about in you environment. And you're paddling non-stop like crazy on the Pacific ocean. After days you're probably going to die of exhaustion... and still not gonna be in China.

And it has nothing to do with working hard or not !

Motivation will not transform a barq in a speed boat, not matter how loud you say "Winners never quit ! Winners never quit !"

No, you're gonna die anyway. Period.

Jsut take a plane and after 12 hours of flight you actually arrive at the airport in China. Guaranted.

So choose the right vehicule. You will save yourself from of ton of useless struggling and suffering.

People try 1 vehicle, fail, try a 2nd one, fail again, and that's it. They quit and never try again. "Ah, not for me, too hard, at least I tried, can't do it"

No you can actually do it, it just requires the right vehicle that fits your situation, project, goal, dream.

Bottom line : Succesful people work hard but they mainly work smart.