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The formula to erase distractions & shiny objects, and getting ultra focused productive days. Delivered to you – FREE – on a single cheatsheet.
Put your time, energy & attention on what really matters... with peace of mind.

If you feel it's time to step into your vision... Work with Emmanuel.

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In this FREE CHEATSHEET, You'll Quickly Discover...

  • The One Question That Changed My Life

This single question can easily be applied every morning - works instantly - and show you where to put your mind, your time and your energy every day.

  • 6 principles to avoid "busyness"

Stop being just "busy" and overwhelmed all day, everyday, to achieve barely nothing. These Unshakeable Focus principles show you how to cut the fat from your day to finally move the needle.

  • What To Put In Your Agenda & To-Do List

Overcome the biggest mistake people make when trying to be productive, plus learn the 3 questions you MUST answser before considering adding anything to your agenda.

  • What the flow state really is

Flow state DOESN'T happen by accident, luck or just during a "good day". Here's the 6 things to remember when you want to access it on demand.

  • The Power of your environment

The 6 reasons you can't focus and 4 things you must do to take back the power over your environment. Plus 6 reasons you don't think of but that can SABOTAGE your efforts every time you're close to succeed.

  • 9 habits of ultra focused performers

Staying focused on what really matters does NOT happen by accident. That's why I stick to these habits everyday. Each one is VITAL can transform a "normal" day into a WIN.

I dedicate my life to supporting driven leaders and ambitious people, to make a dent in the world.
After having accompanied hundreds of people, I have seen the recurring costly mistakes, the most powerful skills of High Performers and the non-negotiable habits they use.
I decided to compile them into this FREE practical single cheatsheet.
Take back control of your days with these 21 secrets. This Cheatsheet is offered to you. Don't miss it.

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