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Why This Qigong Initiation

Today, with modern technology, we are even busier. We are everywhere and nowhere, connected to everything and everyone. Everybody ? From day to day we move a little further away from ourselves.

We always want to accomplish more, to be everywhere at the same time and we end up forgeting our well-being. We are constantly stressed and stuck in the mind. You already had this type of thinking :

  • I feel I lack self-confidence to move on in my Life
  • I don't feel comfortable in my own body
  • My mind is foggy by all the concerns and tasks on a daily basis
  • I struggle being fully present here and now
  • I often lack energy and vitality and I cannot fully enjoy my days

Guess what ? All these difficulties are linked together. 
It's like a vicious cycle where it's hard to get out.

You probably already heard :

"Take care of you body, it is the only place you have to live in for the rest of you life"

Well it's true, and here is the meaning of it :

In our modern societies, we are used to runaway from our body. We use it as a tool to gain instant pleasures (yumy food - fun outdoor activities - sex - etc.) but we never really take the time to take care of it. And we get use to rely on substances such as coffee and energy drinks to keep us running all day long.

Yes they "work" for a short period of time, but they are Quick fixes and they give you :

  • Only very short term results
  • These solutions polluate and destroy our organism on the long run
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    They can provoque weight gain
  • close
    The daily stress exhaust us
  • close
    We become easily anxious and on edge
  • close
    We become irritable towards our surroundings
  • They make us dependant et not at a plca of control in our lives

Now, if you could practice ONE thing 15 min every day that would create a gentle and long lasting transformation in your life, what would it be ?

The Qigong Initiation is the unique combinaison of the 5,000 years old Chinese wisdom with the modern personal development knowledge.

Based on my own daily practice, I use these techniques for my personal growth and my well-being on a daily basis. They are designed for a gentle but powerful transformation in a minimum of time.

You will experience profound, safe, and lasting breakthroughs in your relation with your emotions and your body through a 4 weeks journey with gentle moves and breathing exercises. 

emmanuel beato qigong speaker

Your Qigong intiation in a few sentences ...

  • You are going to be more aware of your own body
  • check-square-o
    You are going to learn how to comeback and be in the now
  • check-square-o
    You are going to activate your inner energy
  • You are going to develop a clear and peaceful mind
  • check-square-o
    You are going to feel younger, healthier and more energetic
  • check-square-o
    You are going to feel more confident and secure

Hi, I'm Emmanuel Beato.

I'm 27, I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Inspirational Speaker and Qigong teacher. I studied fitness, health, natural energy, and self-confidence in France and across the United States for the last 6 years.

I started martial arts with Judo at the age of 7 in 1998. It helped me gain self-confidence and strength. I needed a more intense practice and at 14 I joined a Viet-Vo-Dao school and trained everyday after school. I wanted to do the split and high kicks (I was the only teenager in a class full of adults and being able to perform high kicks was necessary).

During a full week stage, with 4 hours of intense of training everyday, my teacher (who I consided being my very first mentor) taugh me Qigong. I still use many breathing and training techniques I learned from him.

At first it was strange to me to try to feel internal energy. In July 2007, I hurted my lower back and wasn't able to perform high kicks anymore or any sports at all for almost a whole year... 

It was like I was a stranger in my own body, trapped in a shell I didn't even recognize anymore. The worst part was that I couldn't seem to do anything to get my life back to normal. I was disappointed, and more alone than I'd ever been. I felt absolutely helpless.

I went into depression, and didn't really wanted to try martial arts again. The fear of not being able to practice sports for another year in my Life was too strong. So I took the decision to stop completely. I moved into fitness and natural bodybuilding. In 2010 I became France vice-champion in Junior category.

It's only in 2014 that I felt the confidence to practice again, and I decided to practice seriously Qigong. I was determined to find what exactly it was about and how to build my internal "vital energy". If I was able to build my body and muscles and win shows, I was going to build my inner strengh too !

So I finally applied the ancient Chinese techniques on a daily basis. Through this practice, I also discovered the mind-body connection and all it can bring each day.

5 Great Changes You’ll Enjoy When You 
Practice The Qigong Initiation

1. You Will Love Living in Your Body

Throughout this course you are going to become aware of your own body. You will feel your hands, your feet, your belly in a completely new way.

You will realize that your body is an intelligent, subtle and complete machine that makes you live every day. Just like your car, you will love to maintain it and take care of it in order to live in harmony in your body

2. You Will Feel More Confident and Secure

As you move your hands in wide and gentle movements, you are going to experience the difference between you and your environement.

You will naturally define your "Vital Space" around you, the space where you feel safe and secure.

3. You’ll Feel Younger, Healthier And More Energetic

When we were born, we came into the world with a full tank of energy. We were always smiling, laughing, playing all day. By practicing the exercises that I will explain step-by-step, you will recharge this "battery" of energy.

You will experience body changes that will make you feel younger, lighter and more energetic. You will also know how to recharge when you want it!

4. You’ll comeback in the Now

The breathing learned during Qigong exercises will help you get rid of the negative thoughts that are constantly turning in your mind.

You will rediscover the pleasure of living in the present moment and to have healthy and positive thoughts on a daily basis. You will learn to live in awareness every moment of your life.

5. You’ll Develop a clear and peaceful mind

Your daily practice of 15 minutes will allow you to evacuate the accumulated stress and to approach your days in a more relaxed way.

You will be better able to step back from situations that would have usually affected you.

This is how Your Qigong Initiation is structured so
you can practice effectively and serenely

  • You integrate the basis step-by-step in order through the 4 successive modules 
  • You will experience an in detail understanding along the 25 clear videos
  • Each exercise comes with a PDF worksheet and will assure you to remember all the key informations to practice effectively
  • You get tested all along the course, so you can monitor you progresses

Here’s what you are going to learn :

They went through the course
This is what they have to say

"I discovered a simple course, clear, and easy to understand. I integrated Qigong movements into my daily life and I really enjoy practicing it every morning."

THOMAS THIERRY  //  26 ans

"​ We understand very well how to do the movements, how to do the breaths and we feel the energy in the body, all in one formation."

GAËLLE CELICE  //  41 ans 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to practice on my own from home?

Yes ! It is precisely with this in mind that Qigong initiation has been thought out.

During the 28 days of the training, you will learn the basics, the fundamentals to practice effectively. At the end of the training, you will be able to practice independently and feel the benefits.

If I have questions about the content, can I ask them ?

Yes, you can ask your questions at any time during the training under the video in question in the training area or by email.

How can I follow this initiation ?

To do this, click on the button below "Practice Now", then fill in the information necessary for your payment.
After the validation of your order, you are invited to create your login details for your member area.
Then you are immediately sent back to the dedicated and secure training platform where the first Qigong video is waiting for you.

Live longer. Live better. Live FREE.

Now is just the time to take care of yourself.

Plant your feet into the ground. Quiet your Mind. Breathe. Move your arms gently.

And reset your emotions. Access more confidence and joy.

In only 15 min of practice a day, you can bring back peace and control into your Life.

Your body, your emotions, your family, your whole life will thank you.

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Here’s everything you get when you join :
  • Complete beginner videos with clear explanations on how Qigong works
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    2 Powerful warm-up exercises to awake your energy in 5 minutes
  • 25 video tutorials with clear step-by-step explanations 
  • 30 Quizzes questions to integrate the knowledge and principles
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    LIFETIME Access to the secured platform with all the videos and worksheets
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    Private members area to ask questions during your practice


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