"I was amazed. He has a tremendous communicative energy. Listen to what Emmanuel has to say. It's totally different than other personal development gurus."

Anne Tureau

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Professional Bio

Emmanuel is the Founder and CEO of Succellium® and former NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

Emmanuel competed in natural bodybuilding and got the France Vice-champion title in 2010.

After his NASM CPT in 2016, he transitioned from fitness to personal development to go deeper on human transformation.

During 10 years of real-life experiences all around the world, from France to USA and South America, to Eastern Europe, he gathered knowledge on high performance in sport and business and applied it on himself.

Today he is sharing that knowledge through Succellium®, the elite private club for high performers.

Here are Emmanuel's favorite

Topics of intervention

topic 1

you only have 30,000 days to live

  • Life purpose  -  Self-leadership - Vision

It's your job and responsability to define how to spend these days. It can be scary & stressful to decide a clear path. But Life is a succession of decisions & choices. Average? Tasteless? Repetitive? Bold? Memorable? You decide.

  • Get committed to meaningful
  • How to make everyday count
  • How to make your life count

topic 2

The Work/Life Balance Myth

  • High performance  -  Work ethic - Fulfillment

There is not such a thing as a work/life balance, especially if you want to accomplish something significant. There are work & life choices and they have consequences. It's way less sexy than what the self-help books & gurus praise, yet it gives you tremendous clarity & applicable power.

  • Learn to focus your time on what really matters for you
  • Learn to focus your time on what really matters for you

topic 3

The Fall Of Millenial Men

  • Millenials - Meaning

The socially engineered generation of eternal teens and depressed men. Modern men stuggle to find their place in today's sociey. They are meaningless. They navigate without a clear purpose. But how are they supposed to find their place in a society that don't need nor even want them?

  • Understand what happened
  • Anticipate what it means for the Society of tomorrow
  • Plan what you can do about it

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