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"I love your level of confidence in you. I got the message to motivate myself step by step & appreciate the power that drives me to become better. Now it's my turn to become someone more accomplished. Thanks for sharing this, it gave a positive breath to my day."
Barbara Doyle

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The Beato Show is the Moment in Your Day where I Have Real Talks with You, in Depth, non Sugar-Coated, about What it Takes to Create a Meaningful Life & Forge Your Path towards success.
Being obsessed with high performance is a gift but it's also a burden. 
Your priorities in life and your dedication set you apart from 99% of the people around you. It can be very lonely. Let's be clear: IT IS VERY LONELY.
It's hard to get quality advice & reflection on the next decisions to make. Even harder to have a real talk, in-depth, about what it takes to succeed.
That's why the Beato Show exists.

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suggest episodes topics for the beato show

My goal is to help you not only understand the success principles on a intellectual level, but that you "get it" in depth enough so you apply them confidently into your life.
So don't hesitate to reach out.
Got a burning question you can't wait to have answered?
I’ll answer it in the next episode, or I'll find the right expert to answer it. 
Without fluff, sound-good theory or sugar-coating. Straight to the core of your concern with actionable advice.
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