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I was amazed. He has a tremendous communicative energy. Listen to what Emmanuel has to say. It's totally different than other personal development gurus."

anne tureau

interview me for


I was amazed. He has a tremendous communicative energy. Listen to what Emmanuel has to say. It's totally different than other personal development gurus."

anne tureau


Here are Emmanuel's favorite
Here are
Emmanuel's favorite

Topics of intervention


  • Life purpose  -  Self-leadership  -  Vision

The reason your audience listen to podcasts & watch videos is to learn how to make their lives better and live their dreams. Yet 95% of people die with regrets & unrealized dreams. 50% of businesses close within the first 5 years.

Why? Because they haven't yet learned to use the power of vision & the pressure of time to their advantage. 

Because we only have 30,000 days to live, and no time to lose, there are some major skills all entrepreneurs should master to make their business stand out and keep their vision during the toughest & most overwhelming times.

  • Learn the 6 too common mistakes people with unfulfilled potential make (and how to avoid them)
  • How the top 1% high performers use the same 24H everyday? How are their vision, their self-leadership and their priorities different?


  • High Performance  -  Work Ethic  -  Focus

One of the biggest sound-good theory of the last 50 years. There is not such a thing as a work/life balance, especially if you want to accomplish something significant. There are life choices and they have consequences. 

Sound way less sexy than what the self-help books & gurus praise, right?

That's another "society rule" that everybody follows without ever questioning it. And we end up having an average career, average relationships and an average life... A winning combo for a good midlife crisis...

Emmanuel has never followed any of these rules since high school. He will lift up the veil of this illusion and give you back the power you absolutely need to build a significant business that matter for you & your life.

  • Burst the "Have it all" myth to redefine your own "Have it all" dream life outside society exhortations
  • Discover why going "full on" is going to bring you healthier and more satisfying relationships & life


  • Millenial Men  -  Meaning  -  Manhood

Let's have a closer look at the generation of eternal teens and depressed men. Often described as "lazy", "entitled" or even "losers", modern men struggle to find their place in today's society.

They navigate without a clear purpose. They build their life via keyboards. Their relationships boils down to Instagram models profiles & the Hub. 

Some pay off their college debt with a boring corporate job. Others run their "solopreneur" business from their parents basement headquarters. Most of them are not optimistic nor hungry for their future.

Are they "lazy" or resignated? Are they "meaningless" or did they lack good role models? Are they "just losers"? Or have they been engineered that way?

  • Understand what led to that unique situation in History
  • Anticipate what it means for the Western Society of tomorrow
  • Get a practical plan to rise up against the odds & forge your life
media bio

emmanuel beato

media bio

emmanuel beato

Emmanuel is a high performance coach, consultant, and a certified personal trainer by the NASM.
He competed in natural bodybuilding and got the France Vice-champion title in 2010.
After his NASM Certification in 2016, he dived deeper into human performance and experienced a wide range of topics, from qigong to flow state, from resilience to pressure management.
Today he is the founder of Succellium®, an elite private club for high performers.


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