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Frequent questions

I have a connection problem with my online course
Rest assured, there is a function to reset the password on Emmanuel's online training platform. To help you understand how to do it, we have prepared a tutorial, which you can see by clicking here
I want to pay with another payment method
Payment is only offered via Credit Card, Stripe or Paypal.
It is not possible to pay by check
I bought a training, but I still do not have access, what to do?
First of all, check the spam tabs and promotions of your mail: it may be that the email with your access is in it. Also check your trash. Sending access may take a few days. If you have nothing within 48 hours, contact us.
I missed a promotion, then-still benefit?
You can not lower the rates when a promotion is over. For offers to be fair to all customers, no exception is possible. Some of the products and services offered by the company are only available for short periods.
If you missed the moment when they were on sale, unfortunately it is no longer possible to access it.
You can, however, find a list of our products and services available today by clicking here

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