About Emmanuel


Most people know me as :

Sports Coach certified by the American Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

by my achievements in natural bodybuilding as a director of instructional videos in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding was the passion / area of expertise I shared. But that was just a small facet of my personality that I worked on for years.

You know, I think we have a much bigger potential than we use every day. Rather than being content to exist and not wave in the world for fear of judgment, we can create unique lives, live our dreams and inspire the people around us.

For me, the keystone that allows us these feats is the MASTERY OF SELF. We need to know how to control our thoughts, our emotions, our impulses and also have the COURAGE to live what we believe in.

Early years

Back in my early days, when I was 15, I asked what I was doing there.

At school, we are taught a lot of knowledge about the world, but nothing about ourselves. We have said that we must find a place in the world, but that we always have a blurred vision of our own personal step in life.

There is a big difference between being competent to practice a profession and being professional in a process that really drives us and aligns with our deep values.

The more I learned about the world, the more I asked the question of knowing it was my place in the world. Is not having answers to this question. Even worse, no one is really worried. That's when my word for a new philosophy of life started.

The practice of traditional martial arts (Viet-Vo-Dao) was the first stone in the building. In addition to developing my physical abilities, my strength and my flexibility, I gain confidence and I adopted a certain philosophy of life. It allowed me to flourish.

Unfortunately, in 2007, during a high-level stage, an injury and an end of practice. I then turned to bodybuilding.



The baccalaureate in hand, I throw myself body and soul in this practice and decided to compete in the national championships after 18 months of practice.

May 8, 2010, I finished vice-champion of France of the French natural federation (with anti-doping controls). Then I passed the coaching diploma in France to "earn my living".

6 months was enough for me to realize that this was not enough for me to achieve my personal accomplishment.

I then enthusiastically shared my bodybuilding journey on YouTube. It inspired me to help people improve their lives but I was still in an uncertain situation. Soon, bodybuilding and nutrition were for me subjects too restricted.

I was thirsty to be more interested in the issues of motivation and fulfillment in the sense of the individual as a whole and not just on a physical scale.

After 2 years, I could not stand the economic precariousness in which I was. I felt that I lacked elements in my equation of my life fulfilled.

Rather than developing our vision of what makes sense to us and what really drives us in life, we focus on our day-to-day life and in the security of the present moment: stable employment but that does not fill us, fear of being judged, look good on social networks.

Being from the generation of the new millennium, I saw all the progress that our societies have made in a very short time (internet, social networks, Airbnb, Uber, traveling very fast), but also all the challenges, that this has trained for us at the level of our place in society and at the level of the planet.

I think we can change, that we have to change.

Our modern societies bring us more opportunities than ever, but also more uncertainty than ever before. We are more connected but we are less and less in touch with our true aspirations, goals and what we want to be, do and have in our life.

I undertook a quest for deepening oneself through martial arts, bodybuilding, neuroscience, traveling around the world, spirituality and shamanic rituals.

The result of all these experiments took me further than I thought possible. My vision of the world has changed, I have changed. From the desire to share these transformations with you is born Succellium ™.

My videos, podcasts, seminars and training all serve this vision of rejecting the status quo and creating a powerful life to match your dreams.

Courage. Audace. Resilience. Performance. Reconnection to oneself.

Self leadership. Vision.

Below you can see the life experiences through which I forged the person I am today. I hope that my mission will also inspire you to live for your dreams.

I had a period of flight ahead through spirituality (karma, past lives, etc.) but soon enough I realized I was missing something.

Eastern philosophy was not sufficient to respond to the situation in which I found myself, that is to say, to be, at the same time, fully fulfilled, accomplished and integrated into the economic reality of society.

This is where I became interested in personal development. Once again, I questioned my vision of the world and the way in which I was to operate in the world.

The pursuit of the American dream

Like many, I succumbed to the siren song of fast and easy money on the internet as it was promised to me through multiple network marketing, trading, Amazon FBA etc.

The knowledge I gained in personal development allowed me to achieve certain results, but I still did not feel this sense of accomplishment deep within me.

But I began to notice a common direction to everything that inspired me for years, Bruce Lee and Van Damme in the martial arts and Arnold Schwarzenegger in bodybuilding pushed me more and more towards the United States.

I had this need for accomplishment and achievement but only in one area of my life, not just in bodybuilding or just financially.

I started traveling regularly in the United States. A cruise in the Bahamas and two months spent in Las Vegas have radically changed my life, my relationship to money and individual success.

I believe that a person can only reach their full potential when they are in a constant process of personal growth. That's why I stopped my activities on the internet and my Youtube videos to focus on my real desire: the pursuit of the American dream.

In August 2016, I went to graduate from the American Physical Trainer (NASM) in San Diego, California.

My dream became more and more real and I took an obsessive passion for the psychology of success.

I attended all the seminars I could. The more I met entrepreneurs and athletes who performed, the more successful I was.

My return to France was very difficult. I had a completely different look on my old life. I felt much too cramped in my old patterns of life.

The more successful I was, the more I expanded and my environment responded accordingly. New people were drawn into my life while others came out.

I then decide to compile all the habits and common traits of successful people.

Over the years, whether through the martial arts, bodybuilding, entrepreneurship, I have always been my own guinea pig, to experience myself the effects of what I discovered.

Through these experiments, I constantly develop my body and my mind. I update my beliefs and my vision of the world.

The Succellium™ Experience is a unique combination of online learning, self-improvement and deep personal transformation.

I always had the feeling of living in a life, an environment where no one was asking questions and just accepting the status quo.

From my high school years, I could not stand the scenario of life that everyone wants to accept without flinching:
find food work, pay bills, relax on weekends and wait for retirement.

I felt a visceral need to find meaning in my existence. I wanted to explore spirituality not through the filters imposed by religions, but as the power that was the power to reconnect with our true nature.

I spent a week in philosophy before finishing with the education system and going to the most accomplished people in the world of sport and business and just theoretical education.

More than met successful entrepreneurs, millionaires and multimillionaires, plus what I learned disrupted my beliefs and my vision of the world. Their lessons of success were different from those learned in the books.

During the 3 months spent in Los Angeles and 2 months in Las Vegas, I met many artists, actors, directors, producers, who dreamed, hoped but forty was already there and nothing had happened yet.

It was heartbreaking for me to see people, with dreams in their heads and stars in their eyes, to miss their lives and end up in very precarious life situations.

Reality undermined the theory of books and speakers. Positive thinking and to-do lists alone were not enough.

I was forced to see the difference that existed between people who hope a lot of life, get nothing from these things and then pretend to be happy without them anyway and those who get everything out of life without compromise .

I was forced to see the difference that existed between people who hope a lot of life, get nothing from these things and then pretend to be happy without them anyway and those who get everything out of life without compromise .

These differences lie in our vision of ourselves, our beliefs, our habits and our standards of living.

All these successive insights gave birth to a group coaching and a new kind of seminar.


Many people use operating programs from previous generations: safe work, education, job security, and a stable world with no wrong notes. While economic, social and technological changes are undermining this system of operation.

From this observation emerges a new generation of people who seek above all meaning in their jobs and in their lives.

And if, in the space of worrying about what people are going to think, we give more importance to what we really want to achieve in our life? And if instead of waiting for retirement, we forged a life that we would enjoy every day? And if instead of having regrets at the end of our lives, we lived a life that inspires the people around us?

I call this vision Reforge the Self. Through Succellium™, the online courses and the Heroes Forge, I am committed to promoting this vision across the globe so that everyone can be a part of the life they have chosen.

And this transformation of humanity begins with yours.