real success Requires real Commitment

Impliquez-vous à 100% pour forger votre légende.

Success doesn't happen by chance,

it's a question of commitment

This is why we help the dispersed ambitious 

They are very motivated but ... but they are going all over the place. They jump from "quick fix" to "quick fix". Anxious to please everyone, they scatter their energy in all directions to satisfy others. At the end of the day, they are out of breath, still at zero point, disappointed with themselves and think that their dispersed actions will magically lead them to achieve their ambitions.

to become determined and focused on their project

They are determined and committed mentally, emotionally and physically to the achievement of their ambitions. They cut themselves off from all distraction and short-term recognition to build their projects. They have the courage to say NO to the requests and to focus their attention and energy.

About Emmanuel

  • Passionate about martial arts and bodybuilding, he finished Vice-Champion of France in Natural Bodybuilding in 2010.
  • Emmanuel received the Personal Trainer diploma, certified in the United States by the American Academy of Sport and Medicine (NASM) in 2016.
  • He then developed a method that helps ambitious people to adopt the habits of high performance performers to upgrade their living environment, their circle of influence, their physical, mental and emotional health to achieve quickly, without failure and without detour their precise objective.

They share their reviews

after going through our courses

"I was amazed. I was able to be very clear about what I wanted and to have energy.
It is totally different from other personal development programs."

Anne Tureau - Therapist

"Emmanuel m'a aidé à trouver mon Pourquoi."

Thomas Thierry - Ingénieur

"Vous allez faire le bilan de votre vie, savoir là où vous en êtes".

Hervé M Liu - Sophrologue

"Vous allez créer le changement pour manifester vos rêves."

Franck Boutinet - Globe-trotteur

"Vous allez vous reconnecter à qui vous êtes vraiment."

Maxime Nardini - Coach et artiste

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